What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis refers to an altered state or condition of consciousness where the client is brought into a relaxed state of being and becomes highly open to positive suggestions to improve their life. As you go to sleep at night your body goes through a natural process through many different stages or brain waves before it achieves the sleep state. The first level is the Beta state, where you are awake , alert and are conscious. Then you move into the alpha state, a deeper trance or meditative state. After alpha you move into theta, an even deeper state of consciousness and finally you go to the delta state where your body goes into a deep sleep. Through a trained therapist, the individual is guided through these deeper stages easily and gently to recover childhood memories and past trauma. Also to assist the individual in changing their behavior such as quitting smoking, weight reduction or gain, anger management, releasing of fears, improving that golf game or relieving the anxiety around taking exams.

When the hypnotized individual is highly responsive then he or she can follow the instructions of the hypnotherapist with automatic responses to the simple suggestions of nodding their head when their body is completely relaxed. They may even be able to hear, see and smell according to the suggestions. Hypnosis is not anything out of the ordinary, we do it everyday when we visualize and get lost in a beautiful sunset or daydream about our next vacation. Just watch children. as they become hypnotized and engrossed in their video games. They do not hear nor see anything around them during those times because their focus is so intense. Hypnosis is that type of concentration where thoughts, critical thinking, deductive and inductive reasoning, the conscious mind itself is put aside for just a little while to work with the sub-conscious beliefs that are the cause of the condition being experienced.