Sound Attunement

What Is Sound Vibration Attunement?

Sound Vibration Attunement is a vibrational healing modality, which utilizes tuning forks in the healing process.  Everything has its own frequency including the human body, every cell and atom that makes up the 50 trillion cells within us is vibrating at a certain frequency.  When the cells and organs are in alignment and harmony, then we are well.   However, while under intense pressure or stress we create an energy constriction or blockage which lowers our vibration and creates dis-ease in our bodies.  Pain is the body’s way of telling us to pay attention because something is out of alignment.  Since sound waves move beyond the logical mind and connect to our feeling nature they are both heard and felt within the human body and can bring the body into a completely relaxed state of being – allowing the body to begin the healing process.  Based on the physics of sound vibration, the resonance and dissonance emitted by the sound waves from the tuning forks create pulsating impulses through the air that act as carrier waves to match the seven whole notes that resonate within the chakras in the human body.  With the use of the tuning forks any disruptive energy patterns are collected, pulled and taken away from the body, because the disruptive energy follows the sound.  Through Sound Vibration Attunement the tones from the tuning forks restore the balance to the rhythmic patterns of the energy centers that are connected to the organs, cells and tissues of the body bringing the individual back to optimum health and wellness.


What is the History of Sound Vibration Attunement?

The technique of sound healing goes back to ancient times in Tibet and the Healing Temples of Attunement that were dedicated to sound therapy both in Atlantis and Lemuria.  They used bells, crystals, bowls, tuning forks and chanting or toning as they moved over and around the body to tune and clear the chakras.  People would come to the temples to receive sound healing treatments and they would even perform sound healing on countries and cities. The tuning forks correspond to the bells used by the Lamas in the monasteries of Tibet for the same healing purpose.  The power of Sound Healing has been used and studied throughout the world by many civilizations and cultures to align the human body and bring it back to perfection. Through the use of drumming, tuning forks, chanting, toning, gongs, didgeridoo instruments as well as the soothing meditational music and dance.  Anyone today has the ability to get in touch with the eternal presence within and achieve their inner peace with sound healing modalities .  


Why Does This Technique Work?  

Sound, Light, and Color is who we are.  Sound stimulates various parts of the body and the tuning forks resonate to the dominate sound within the body creating balance in the seven major chakras and energy circuits in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies.  This causes the energy within and around the body to vibrate and eliminate the disruptive energy clinging to it just like blowing dust from a table.  When we stop the fork we neutralize and clear the negative patterns and restrictions that block the flow of energy opening the way for new energy and light to flow.  This technique allows the individual to easily and gently release without processing.  You feel lighter and experience an energetic cleansing bringing clarity, connection and harmony within and without. Sound Vibration Attunement changes the DNA and assists the individual to adapt to the higher frequencies.


Uses of Sound Vibration Attunement are?

  1. Polarity Therapy to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain
  2. Animal trainers and therapists use Sound Vibration Attunement on dogs, cats and horses to bring them back to alignment and remove any discordant energies.
  3. Massage therapist use tuning forks during and after their sessions
  4. Chiropractors and Psychotherapists as well as Sound Healing Therapists use tuning forks to balance the energy and the chaotic energy patterns.
  5. Tuning forks are also used in conjunction with Reiki, yoga, meditation and hypnosis.

Classes offered for Sound Vibration Attunement?


Level One:

Receive your set of tuning forks

Learn the basic procedure to tune yourself and others.

Clear energy centers

Hand positions for Radiant Touch therapy

Seal the Aura


Level Two:

Learn how to create bridges of light and sound from one chakra to another

Learn how to touch, paint and pull

Integration and communication, launching the sacred connections

Adjusting the bio- magnetics and emotions to promote healing


 Level Three:

Connecting of the internal and external meridians through the grid and chakra system

Clearing the energy pathways

Connecting the chakras to the outer bodies