Reiki Healing

What is Reiki and what does it mean?
The word Reiki means Universal life force energy. Reiki is a multilevel, cellular hands on healing modality utilized for stress reduction and pain management. Reiki can stabilize a person’s vital signs and relax them so much so that they are then open to healing. The certified practitioner supports this process by acting as a channel and allowing this spiritually guided life force energy to pass through them to their client.

What is the history of Reiki?
Reiki is believed to have begun in Tibet over 2000 years ago. Seers in the Orient studied energies and developed a system of sounds and symbols for universal healing energies. This root system was lost for many years, until Reiki was rediscovered in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui in the 1800’s. He discovered the ancient sounds and symbols that are linked directly to the human body and the nervous system, which activate the universal life energy for healing. The tradition was passed through several Grand Masters such as Mrs. Takata and Dr. Hayashi. Both used these techniques in their practices in Japan. Then finally in the 1900’s, Reiki was brought to the United States by Mrs. Takata, who developed the Western form of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.

How does Reiki promote health?
Reiki helps to relieve any blockages in the energy pathways within the physical, emotional and spiritual body allowing the body to heal itself. It cleanses the meridians, balances the chakras, clears the field around us or our aura to achieve a harmonious flow within all systems. Reiki frees us from the dis-ease process. It allows the individual to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually by assisting the individual to recognize and release old energy patterns and restrictions that do not serve them anymore. No matter where the individual is at a certain point in their life Reiki will harmonize with them and enhance their Divinity.

What are the Levels or Degrees of Reiki?
There are three degrees or levels of Reiki.

First Degree is where the individual will learn the hand positions, and receive the permanent attunement to the Reiki Ray from a certified Reiki Master Teacher. During this attunement the Rei or the God-Consciousnes will make adjustments in the student’s chakras, and energy pathways to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki for the healing of themselves and others. By simply placing the hands on another and opening the heart one automatically brings in the energy.

Second Degree Reiki requires further attunements to the keys or symbols that bring the Reiki practitioner to a higher vibration in their healing work. The student is trained to use the appropriate symbols and techniques to increase the power of the Reiki Ray to do mental and emotional healing as well as absentee healing or distance healing.

Third Degree Reiki Master Teacher- This degree designation is the level of Reiki Master, a Teacher of Reiki. The student is attuned to the full Reiki Ray and for those guided the path of the Teacher begins to unfold.

Can Reiki Cause Harm?
No, because Reiki is guided by God Consciousnes- it can never do harm. It has an intelligence, a wisdom and always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to create an effect that is appropriate. It is always helpful and can be used with other health-care modalities and treatments because it will enhance the results.
Can anyone learn Reiki?
The ability to learn is not dependent on intellect, or if you know how to meditate. It does not take years of practice and learning. It is simply passed on from the teacher to the student. As soon as this happens one has Reiki and can use it. It is a pure form of healing not dependent on an individual’s talent or acquired ability. After you are attuned to the Reiki Ray there is a feeling of being connected directly to God’s healing love and protection.

What can be treated?
In it’s long history of use it has aided in healing, every known illness and injury including, cancer, MS, heart disease, cancer, broken bones, burns, headaches, colds , flu symptoms etc. It also works to improve the results of any medical treatment acting to reduce negative side effects such as those from chemotherapy, surgery and invasive procedures. It shortens healing time reduces and eliminates pain, reduces stress and helps create optimism. It has been noticed by Doctors in MD Anderson Hospital in Houston and Beth Israel in NY which are just a few hospitals that are using and teaching Reiki to the patients and care givers for pain management that patients receiving Reiki leave the hospital earlier than those who do not. In one study in California they discovered an increase in hemoglobin and hematocrit levels in the 47 people receiving Reiki training and the control group of 9 healthy medical professionals. Reiki is always beneficial and does not only work on the symptoms but also the root causes of the dis-ease process.

Is Reiki Effective?
In my experience I have worked on people with migraines and watched them heal in a matter of minutes after they were suffering all day with the problem. I worked with a woman who had fibroid tumors and after her treatment she went to the doctor and there was no evidence of the tumors. People with back problems who could not walk have been resolved and healed with one session.
Recently my mother was having severe breathing problems and we thought we were going to have to take her back to the hospital that night, but after I projected some Reiki to the back of her heart, her breathing balanced out and she resumed a normal breathing pattern. Reiki is a powerful tool to heal any dis-ease, it is the energy of the God-Force combined with the sincere desire of the person receiving the Reiki that creates the miracles.

What do you experience during a Reiki Session?
My clients tell me they experience energy flowing through their body, tingling sensations, warmth or heat from my hands like a heating pad is being put on their body, relief from pain, they can walk again or move easily. They feel lighter like a burden has been lifted from them. They feel connected and experience clarity and visions of past lives at times. Some clients see colors, symbols, angels or other Master Teachers and guides. They also experience a feeling of many hands doing the work on their bodies.
I also experience hands upon my hands at times as I do Reiki, so I know I have a lot of helpers assisting me. Generally my clients feel better and are balanced after a session but I always tell them that they may experience a releasing of toxins for a few days so they should drink lots of fluids and eat light.

These are the things I do before and during and after a Reiki Treatment

Before my client arrives
2. I prepare the treatment room by turning on some soothing music and lighting some candles and incense to set the mood in the room.
3. Now that the room is prepared I prepare myself by going into meditation and prayer to balance my energy and release all the stresses of day.
4. Upon the arrival of my client I open the door, greet them and then bring them directly into my office where they can leave their belongings and take off their shoes.
5. We sit and talk for a few minutes to catch up and see if they have noticed any improvements since the last time I saw them. As they are talking I make mental notes that I will add to my records after they leave.
6. Finally I bring them into my treatment room and have them lie on the table.
7. I sit at the head of the table and place my hands on both sides of their head and say a prayer, they set their intentions for this healing work and then I gradually talk them down into a deeper relaxation by having them visualize and relax each part of their body starting at the feet and working my way up to the head. When I notice their breathing is relaxed and balancing I begin the treatment.
8. I move to the other side of the table and touch both ankles to sense their rhythm and see if there are any blockages if I sense a blockage in energy flow I treat that area first if not then I move to the side of the table and place my hands on my clients heart like this. I remain in that area until the flow of energy stops and then I move on to the solar plexus, the sacral the knees the feet the hands shoulders and repeat the same thing. Allowing the energy of God’s unconditional love to flow through me during this whole process and to be a facilitator for my client.
9. When the total body has been treated then I go back to the head of the table and sit down to more easily work on the areas of the head and the face and eyes and ears an throat again holding my hands in the position until I am guided to change position or the energy stops flowing.
In Conclusion
I say a closing prayer of thanksgiving and then tell my client to begin to slowly come back into their body and when they are ready they can open their eyes. I have my client get up very slowly and then I get them a drink of water as we share our experiences what I saw and what they saw or felt or heard. Usually they report to me that they feel lighter after the treatment. When all is complete I bring them back to my office where they can put their shoes back on and make their payment to me for my services after that I escort them to the door we exchange hugs and they go home.

Reiki is a very powerful healing tool and I have seen some amazing changes in the individuals that I work with.