Rainbow Children

Rainbow Children are very sensitive and intuitive kids, teens and adults. They possess abilities of increased telepathy, empathy and creativity. Because they are so sensitive to the world around them they can feel another person’s feelings, they can see guardian angels, other non-physical beings, an individual’s aura as well as connect to their own past lives and visualize the past lives of others. They can automatically change the energy around them to suit their joyful mood. The Rainbow Child is a child that is born with infinite wisdom and truth and has come to assist the world and humanity in changing the paradigms from the old ways and beliefs to bring forth the new possibilities for the planet. According to Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing™ and the Rainbow Children’s classes, “Since the time of the ancients the world has waited for the extremely loving and adaptable Rainbow Children to come in with their boundless love and patience”.


The only difference between an Indigo child and a Rainbow child is that the Indigo child can be influenced by negativity and the Rainbow child changes the energy around them. Through the Rainbow Children’s classes the Indigo child and adult are guided to an understanding of the different planes of existence so they can begin to discern energy. This is important because the Indigo has a tendency to pick up other peoples energy sensing it is their own. Indigo children are highly intelligent and get bored and distracted easily in school and at times are misdiagnosed as ADD Attention Deficit Disorder. On CAT scans it shows that the frontal lobe, of these children, has extra electrical activity and operates at a much faster pace.  The Indigo children are strong willed, independent thinkers and prefer to make their own decisions guided by their intuition rather than listening to the mainstream; any mother of an indigo can tell you that. I am also blessed with an Indigo child. From a very young age he pushed against the rules of society and was extremely stubborn, just like his Mom.


Since Indigo Children are so susceptible to negativity, they move from depression into frustration and anger because they do not understand their feelings. As a Certified & Licensed Teacher of ThetaHealing™ and Rainbow Children’s Classes, I lead the students on an adventure to master their connection with the Creator of All That Is and through the ThetaHealing™ techniques that teach them how to witness the changing and removing of old beliefs and the creation of new positive feelings. They will also learn how to do an empathic reading, go within and witness healings, experience guided meditations, do future and guardian angel readings and then through the journey into the Seven Planes of Existence, they will learn how to communicate and do healings with animals and plants. They will also learn how to work with crystals, connect to their power animals, develop their spiritual gifts including how to see and interpret auras. All of these experiences will bring about amazing shifts in consciousness from an Indigo child to a beautiful balanced loving Rainbow Child.