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At The Body Mind and Spirit Wellness Center 1360 S. 5th Street Suite 360 Saint Charles Missouri 63301 Three Flags Business Center.

Parents: Do you believe your child is gifted? Have they ever said to you or talked to you about being here before??? Do they often say they see, hear and know things that are not obvious to you or others? Would you like to help him/her understand how to utilize these gifts in a practical manner? This summer Reverend Maureen Amen will guide the children in a series of lessons to explore and understand their abilities and how to apply them in their everyday lives.

intuitive, they have boundless love and patience. The Indigo Children are bringing in a new age but they do not know how to discern their energy from another person’ energy so they will ultimately be influenced by the negativity around them. Through the Rainbow Children’s Classes these Indigo children can now shift and grow to become Rainbow Children.



She is a certified licensed teacher and has worked with many children to assist them in uncovering and mastering their connection to God. Through ThetaHealing™, the children will learn a wide range of techniques to help them to expand their awareness and create positive feelings. They will learn how talk with their guardian angels, work with their power animals and do healings with crystals and much, much more.

All children from ages 6 to 16 are invited to come and play!

Fee: $20.00 per child per class                                                                                                                                    

Call now to register your child: 636-734-8766