This email of gratitude is a little bit overdue. My name is Mark Whitkanack. My wife and I were at the fair held at Holistic Journey back in February. My wife was your first reading of that day and I was the second. You gave my wife a message of being by the ocean, possibly in California and having a business or center there.

I was not really planning on sitting with you that day as I felt I really had nothing to gain. The morning had been odd. I woke up very early and sat in my living room and fell asleep in my favorite chair. I had a dream of a farmer working in a field with a horse pulling a plow. A bad storm rolled in and the horse, who was wet all the way to his soul, looked longingly at the old farmer. The old man fell into deeply emotional tears and hugged the horse as to say he was sorry. The horse returned with gentle kisses and nudges as to say thank-you. Emotional tears for what? I did not know. Thanks from the horse? No idea for what. The dream fell into the “what the hell was that all about” category.

My wife without my realizing it went ahead and signed us both up for readings with you and already paid for it. She seemed very adamant that I should do this. 27 years of marriage has taught me to choose my battles…I would lay down my arms on this one and do the reading. My wife came out from her reading and told me to go on in. As soon as I set down with you the emotions started to boil up. You picked up on my dissatisfaction with the path of my life. Then out of nowhere you asked if I knew that I had a book in my heart waiting to come out? Spirit had helped us find this spiritual path in 2012. Since then I have read and read and read. With a personal library of over 200 books accumulated in that 1-1/2 years I have developed an appetite for knowledge of this subject matter that only grows and grows.

I felt over that time that there were things that people needed to know. Being the son of a United Methodist minister since the age of 2, I had never really been able to make sense out of the judgmental patriarchal God or the concept of hell or a lot of other things. The concepts that my study of spirituality brought to light felt so much more truthful. I had always thought in that time how fulfilling it would be to write about and teach about this truth. Of course I kept telling myself the many reasons why that could not and should not happen.

When you mentioned having a book in my heart that needed to get out it was as if I had just gotten a permission slip from the Creator to do what I had been dreaming of and for that I message I thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a blessing you are!!! I know you work with a lot of people and I don’t expect you to have recall of the little details of my reading…but please know you helped steer my life onto a much needed course change. I am writing in blips and blurbs as I wait for the download of inspiration to come.

Oh…the horse and farmer I dreamed of that morning made immediate sense after I sat with you. The farmer was my current character in this incarnation…working at what he really did not like but “it paid the bills”, “it is what I know how to do”, “it’s too late to change now” blah blah blah. The horse was my spiritual self being led and ordered by the farmer. The horse knew of a better path, but the farmer would not listen. When the rain started on that day, on which the farmer was starting to feel the futility of his path, he seen the answers that the horse had and he realized the futility and the stuborness of his life till now. He broke down emotionally as he seen the wisdom of the horse and could only mumble “I’m Sorry” as he hugged the horse. The horse was just happy to know that they would soon be on the better path.

I am now working on a short story centered around this dream. So I just wanted you to know that on that day when we sat together I was the farmer and you were the horse ( i say that with love!!!) and you brought me the wisdom that I need to have on that day. For that I can only extend to you my deepest and most sincere appreciation.

I hope to have the privlege of spending time with you again.

Thank-you and many blessings to you,

Mark Whitkanack