DALLAS Schedule

Sunday  March 1, 2015  Dallas Psychic Fair

DoubleTree Hotel
** Main Ballroom **
4099 Valley View Lane
Dallas, TX 75244

Angel Readings and Healings

Angel Readings During an Angel Reading, I act as a mediator or facilitator using my spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance to assist you in receiving the messages from the highest truth. Before I begin an Angel Reading, whether by phone remotely or in person with the individual, I first connect to God, the Source of Universal Light and Love to set the intention and ask permission for the highest information and light to flow through me. Then I connect with the individual and open myself to be a channel or conduit for the Angelic Realm to send the information for the individual.

If you would like to discover or confirm the messages that are waiting for you, call Maureen and schedule an Angel Reading.  636-734-8766

Homewood Suites 2/28/2015 through March 5, 2015  Call for an appointment for readings and Energy Healing work





March Schedule  At Holistic Journey Center

216 Frank Scott Pkwy

Swansea, IL 62226

March 22  11AM – 5PM Second Session For 7th Path Self Hypnosis

If interested call 618-234-8280


Come and learn 7th Path Self Hypnosis® from Maureen Amen a certified hypnotherapist teacher.   Through this process you will begin to focus your attention on the suggestions being given as you relax your body, mind and spirit. You will be able to let go of the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck on that endless merry –go-round of self sabotage. 7th Path Self Hypnosis® is a technique incorporating the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies in a synergetic experience to create wholeness within the individual. It allows you to “empty your cup” and empower yourself with Creator to manifest miracles for the rest of your life. Through a series of  Recognitions you will become more in touch with who you truly are and create new possibilities for a more successful and rewarding life.