Reverend Maureen Amen is committed to making a contribution to all individuals by empowering them to live consciously and see their possibilities on all levels of their being.  Is it any wonder that her last name means “an expression of faith”? You will discover after one reading with her that the angels walk by her side. She is a kind, compassionate soul, and the information that she will share with you comes from a place of infinite love. Rev. Amen will clasp your hands and seek the answers from the highest power to give you the guidance you need. A reading with Rev. Amen can be the first step toward realizing your full potential in life. As powerful as these readings are, they are a small portion of her many gifts.
If you schedule a private healing session with Rev. Amen, she will help you uncover the thought forms and blocks that are causing dis-ease in your life. Rev. Amen acts as she is guided. Each session is unique and tailored to the needs of her client. Illness can start in the emotional or the physical body, but once it takes root, it will affect all areas of the body, mind, and spirit. Rev. Amen works on all levels during a healing session to ensure that balance is restored to the body. A healing session with her also helps awaken the spiritual self and unlock the potential for a better, more fulfilling life. She has dedicated her life to understanding the root cause of illness and how to promote balance and wellness in the human experience. She uses multiple healing modalities while working with her clients.
-Ginger Tidrow