Maureen is the only intuitive healer I ever visited for healing services. It was a wonderful enriching experience I will never forget. She saw me as I really am, my true inner self, and shared so many things with me that I could not have seen on my own at the time. Maureen was one of the jump-starters in this leg of my journey on Earth, as my Reiki teacher, also. As a healer, she helped me to heal from the past traumas in so many ways. I was clearer when I left her healing hands than I had been in years. Her Theta Healing was the best and I would recommend her as a healer to anyone who needs healing. As a teacher, too, Maureen is phenomenal. I learned so much from her that I use every day. I would recommend her classes to anyone. Maureen is truly a human angel here on Earth!
Darlene McPeek, J.D. Hurst